Migration options for Legacy Plans (signed up before 27th Nov 2019)

We’ve updated our system to provide more migration options for old/legacy plan* users.

*Legacy plans refer to the Free and Plus plan users who signed up for Cacoo before 27th November 2019.

If you are a legacy plan user, please read the below. If you signed up after 27/11/2019, this update does not apply to you. From that date, the new Free plan and Team/Pro plans were introduced.

:loudspeaker: You can now switch from the legacy plans to the new plans by migration. Please see our support guide on Switch from legacy plan to new plans.

Legacy plan restrictions

Legacy plan users face restrictions in sharing/collaborating with new users, such as:

  • Legacy plan users cannot add users who are new to Cacoo or registered under the new plans (i.e. after 27/11/2019).
  • Legacy plan users cannot add new plan users users to their shared folders, private folders or diagrams as collaborators.
  • Legacy plan users can only add other legacy plan users, i.e. those who registered before 27/11/2019.

Solutions for legacy plans

In order to share your diagrams and collaborate with new users, you can consider the following solutions:

  1. Sharing diagram via public link
    Guests/visitors can access your diagram via the public link, and edit or view the diagram, as well as use the chat and comment functions. They can also duplicate the diagram to their own space/account.

  2. Migrate from your legacy plan to the new Free or Pro/Team plans
    Please refer to our support guide on Switch from legacy plan to new plans for full details and instructions.