How Backlog works with Cacoo

Cacoo is a cloud-based diagramming tool developed by Nulab. It is easy to use with an extensive collection of templates and shapes for users and it helps teams to collaborate in real-time.  

There’s no need for you to recreate another account to try Cacoo! By utilising our single sign-on service, it enables you to access Cacco with your current Nulab Account.

Now, users can easily access Cacoo and start creating diagrams and inserting them into Backlog issues, tasks, comments, and wikis to visually express and organize their ideas with the team. :raised_hands:t2:

How It Works?

Simply access Cacco by selecting “nu” icon on the global navigation bar.

To share your saved diagrams on Backlog, simply click on “Share” and “Copy” the link generated, and paste it on the platform where you want it to be.

Diagrams will be generated on Backlog platform once you confirm the action on Backlog. Team members can easily view details by clicking options on the diagram, and start collaborating on Cacoo and Backlog.

In just a few simple steps, you can start creating beautiful diagrams and share them with your team. 

Happy Weekend! :sunglasses:

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