What are Nulab Apps

Previously, we talked about what is the Nulab Account. Today, we would like to introduce further what are Nulab Apps. 

Besides managing your profile on the Nulab Account, the Nulab Apps page is a place where the administrator can manage organization settings, such as organization profile, billing info, space members, as well as organize members into different teams. These settings will be applicable across all Nulab Apps.

Accessing other Nulab Apps

If you are using Backlog with another Nulab App, such as Cacoo or Typetalk, you can easily switch or access from app to another by clicking the menu icon  in the top right of the Global Navigation.

Backlog with Cacoo & Typetalk

With Nulab integration and Nulab account, you can sign in to any Nulab collaborative apps and integrate them further. By integrating Backlog with Cacoo or Typetalk, it helps to expand your range of usage on the services. 

With Cacoo, your team can create a diagram and use them to visualize their ideas or document your workflow and share them with the team in Backlog. Members can even further collaborate in real-time and provide their updates or feedback in Cacoo. 

While Typetalk is a chat collaboration tool. By integrating Backlog with Typetalk, it further improve communication across projects in Backlog, gets task updates notifications in Typetalk and easily retrieves the discussion. 

We offer freemium for Cacoo and Typetalk too. Try it now with your team and expand your usage with Nulab Apps! 

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