Dashboard added for Organization Settings

:loudspeaker: A new Dashboard feature has been added to the organization settings page!

This allows users to easily see the Nulab products (e.g. Backlog, Cacoo, or Typetalk) that are registered under their organizations.

Dashboard at Organization Settings

  1. At your Organization Settings page, click on the DASHBOARD tab.

  2. Your registered Nulab products will be listed here. The desktop/mobile icons indicate if the product has desktop/browser or mobile versions. Select Open to open the respective product in a new browser tab.

  3. Click on the 3-dots menu to access the product’s website (Learn more) or its support guides (Help center).

  4. The Integrated tools section lists the websites which have been integrated with your Nulab account. For example, the Nulab Online Community forum which you can log in with your Nulab account.

How to access the Organization Settings page:

Simply click on your Organization profile icon, then select Organization Settings.

Access Organization Settings page