How to painlessly integrate Backlog with Typetalk

Typetalk is a team communication tool developed by Nulab. It can run in your browser, or as a downloadable app for your desktop and mobile phone.

You can chat with your teammates, share photos and files, tag conversations, and also integrate it with other services, such as Backlog.

This way, you can receive Typetalk notifications whenever a Backlog issue is added, updated, has a status change, etc. That’s how we use Typetalk and Backlog extensively at Nulab; almost all our internal communication (and information sharing) is via Typetalk and Backlog.

Now, here’s how you can integrate Backlog projects with Typetalk.

Note: If your organization has already activated Typetalk, you can skip steps 1 & 2 and go to 3.

Step 1:

Firstly, your Backlog space owner must enable Typetalk by using Nulab Account.

If you are the space owner, you can go to and choose a plan. Then click on log in.

Step 2:

You’ll be directed to a Welcome page. You can choose an existing organization, the same one as your Backlog space, or create a new one.

I chose an existing organization so that my members in the Backlog space will be included in the Typetalk too.

A Typetalk group is created for the organization, and now we can use Typetalk to communicate with each other.

Step 3a: Integrate Typetalk topic with a Backlog project.

In Typetalk, each topic is like a channel with members you can add in for conversations.

To receive Backlog notifications in this topic group, just click on Topic Settings (it’s in the menu, at the row of 3 dots).

Step 3b:

Within topic settings, click on the Integrations tab:

You can see different integrations here. Choose Add Backlog because that’s what we’re doing today.

Step 3c:

Fill in the information here. You can click on the dropdown menus to easily choose your Space URL and specific project to link up. In this example, my project is “Demo Typetalk (DT)”

Then, choose which Backlog events you want to be notified on.

Click integrate and you should see that the integration has been added:

Tada! You’re done.

Now, let’s test this out by creating an issue in the Backlog project (Demo Typetalk).

After I created the issue, all members in the Typetalk topic group will receive a notification:

That’s it!

Try it for yourself and make use of Typetalk to communicate and work better with your team!