Easily create Backlog issues from Typetalk messages

Have you ever encountered this situation where a conversation leads to a task:

To register the task, the conversation has to be documented or summarized to give the necessary information/context. This is quite a tedious process and information is repeated in both the chat app and work management tool.

Wouldn’t it be great if we can simply use the conversation thread as the task description?

Solution: Register issues/tasks directly from Typetalk :hugs:

In this tutorial, we’ll share with you a shortcut to register or create issues directly from Typetalk messages using Backlog integration with Typetalk.

If you haven’t heard of Backlog, it’s an easy-to-use project management tool by Nulab. It has Kanban boards, Gantt charts, burndown charts, Wiki, and file-sharing features, as well as Git/SVN repositories for source code collaboration.

Before using the solution, the administrator needs to first set up the Backlog-Typetalk integration. Please see this post: How to painlessly integrate Backlog with Typetalk. If your organization does not have a Backlog Space yet, you can sign up for Backlog here.

How to create Backlog issues from Typetalk messages

  1. In a topic, select the Typetalk message(s) you want to use to create a Backlog issue.
  2. At the topic bar, click Create a Backlog Issue
  3. Select your Backlog Space, Project, and enter a Subject for the issue. If you tick the checkbox for Create a new Tag, this will create a new tag in Typetalk with the selected messages. (For this example, let’s tick the checkbox.)
  4. Click Post to submit.

  1. The Backlog webpage will be opened. The issue subject and description has been automatically filled. If you are not signed in, you will see the Backlog login page to sign in first. Enter more information such as the Assignee and due date, and click Add to create the issue.

  1. When the issue has been added, the Typetalk topic will be updated to show that an issue has been added in Backlog. A new tag is also created with the subject that was entered earlier. Clicking on the issue key in Typetalk will open the Backlog issue page.

Note: This “Create a Backlog issue” feature is not available for direct/private messages. It can only be used for messages within topics.

:bulb: Extra tip: Continue the discussion in the Typetalk and track the discussion in Backlog

You can continue discussing the issue in real-time using Typetalk and add related messages to the tag. The tagged messages will be displayed in a thread at the Backlog issue:

This makes it easy to view and track the conversation from Backlog. You can also click on the link to open the tag in Typetalk.

With this integration, it’s easier to link ongoing conversations with tasks and organize information for easy retrieval.