Use tags to group related messages in Typetalk

Many of us have used hashtags on social media, for e.g. #throwback, #tgif, etc., but do you know that you can also use them in Typetalk?

What is a Tag?

Similar to hashtags, it’s a tool to label messages that are related to the same theme or conversation subject. Tags in Typetalk are useful for grouping important information so that it’s easier to find them later.

How to create a new tag

It’s the same as creating/using hashtags on social media. While entering your message, enter the hash key: #, followed by your preferred tag word.

The tag will be created automatically in the topic.


  • Tags are local to the Topics where they are created in, i.e. Topics will have their own tags and respective tagged messages.
  • You can add multiple tags to a single message.

How to tag a message with an existing tag

When you enter the hash key: #, a list of existing tags will appear, and you can select them to tag your message.

If you wish to add someone else’s message to a tag, or remove messages from a tag, please refer to our support article: How do I add and remove a messages from a Tag?

How to retrieve tagged messages

Click on the tagged word ( e.g. #tgif ) in a message to retrieve all messages with the same tag. Alternatively, go to the Topic header, click on the Tags button, and search or select the tag.

Share tag links

You can share tags (and their corresponding tagged messages) with your team members in Typetalk or on other platforms by copying the tag URL link.

Just right-click on the tag in Typetalk and select Copy Link.
talktype - copy tag link

Tag URL links can also be posted to issues, comments, or Wiki in Backlog. This will display the tagged messages in Backlog, and other team members can view them conveniently.

Note: Since tags belong to Topics, only members of the Topic will be able to view the tagged messages.