Using the donut chart as a progress indicator for presentations

The Charts function helps us to visualize data into various charts: line chart, bar chart, pie chart, and donut chart.

Today, we’ll share another usage of charts: using the donut chart as a progress indicator for your presentations.

Here’s how it looks for example:

When the project has made some progress, we can also update it:

How to create a progress indicator using the donut chart

  1. Click on the Chart icon in the tool menu, and select the Donut chart to add it to your diagram.

  2. To change the chart colors, click on Style, and select a color from the Color Palette.

  3. Click on Data, and edit the numbers to only two sets: to represent complete and incomplete. We can regard them as percentages that total 100.

We used a darker color to represent “filling up” the donut, like a fuel gauge. If you wish to change the individual colors, you can click on the color droplet symbols.

  1. Hide the text on the chart by disabling them in Style:

We’re almost done! Just need to fill up the donut hole:
Create a filled circle and place it over the donut. Remember to hide the circle’s outline by disabling it.

Completed Progress Indicator:

I only learned about this tip recently while working together with team members on a presentation, and I thought it was quite an interesting usage. I hope you find it useful too.

:loudspeaker: If you have any tips or lesser-known ways of using Cacoo, please share them with us!