12 new Charts in Cacoo for data visualization!

Previously, we updated our charts’ user interface with more customization options, data flexibility and inline editing, which makes it easy for you to create charts.

Now, Cacoo has released 12 new chart types, bringing the grand total of charts you can use to a massive 19!

Here’s the list of new charts you’ll heart :heart: :

  • Stacked bar
  • Dual axis
  • Stacked area
  • Bubble
  • Scatterplot
  • Dot
  • Pyramid
  • Radar
  • Radial
  • Gauge
  • Timeline
  • Score

With these new charts, you’ll have more ways to visualize your data, more ways to analyze them, and present insights in eye-catching and easy-to-understand diagrams.

Check out the new Charts in Cacoo today!

For more information on creating charts, see our support article.

:heart_eyes_cat: Data is beautiful, present it using Cacoo charts! :muscle: