Easily start a new diagram with Cacoo.new

Hi Cacoo users!

Our Cacoo team has released a new update: Cacoo.new :tada:

When you want to start creating a new diagram, simply type “Cacoo.new” in your browser address bar. This will automatically create a blank diagram in Cacoo which you can immediately start using! :writing_hand:


  • This feature is only available for existing Cacoo users. If you do not have a Cacoo account, please sign up at Cacoo.com
  • If you are not logged in to your Cacoo account, you will be directed to a login screen.
  • If your account is participating in more than 1 organization, you will be prompted to select an organization to start the new diagram in. See pic below:


We hope you’ll enjoy using this new feature.
Try entering Cacoo.new in your browser today! :grinning: