Diagram versioning / How to save & retrieve versions

Diagram versioning is a useful feature that allows you to save versions of your work, so that you are free to experiment and try new things.

If anything goes wrong, no worries, because it’s always possible to revert to an older version.

Here’s how to save your diagram as a version

  1. Click on the History button in the diagram editor. This will open up the History panel.

At the text comment field, you can name the version or describe the changes made to the diagram.

  1. After entering a comment, click on Save Version to save the current state of the diagram.

An alert will pop up to notify that the diagram version has been saved.

You can continue working on your diagram, and any further changes will not affect the saved state/version. They are saved in the Current Version instead.

How to access older versions of a diagram

  1. Click on the History button to open up the History panel. The older versions are listed here.
  2. Select a version and click on it. A preview of the diagram can be seen in the editor, as well as the text description for it.

  1. If you wish to work on this diagram version, click on Copy & Edit. You can also click Delete to delete this version, or click the Current Version to return to it.
  2. If you’ve selected Copy & Edit, a dialog will prompt you to duplicate the diagram. You can give it a new title, choose which type to save it as, choose the folder, and Cacoo space. Then, click Save when you’re done.

The selected version is duplicated, and you can immediately work on it in a new browser tab/window.

Meanwhile, your original diagram and all its versions are intact.

Let us know what you think of the diagram history/version feature, tell us below! :point_down: