Process Diagrams bug bare

Hello community, new to this software, but finding it fantastic overall.

My issue, when creating a process diagram, to create the next shape clicking the line burst, it automatically duplicates you previous shape. Is there any way to stop this? There’s no easy way to change that shape from a context pallet. You have to delete it, then create the desired shape. A better experience when clicking the line burst would be a context prompt to ask ou what shape you require? Just wondered if there was a workaround, or a hidden setting I’m missing.


Hi there,

I am not quite sure of your question. Are you referring to to the default shapes within a template diagram? Unfortunately, you cannot change the shape by clicking on it as you have mentioned - you will need to delete and replace the shape if you wish to use a different shape.

I apologize for the inconvenience!

Hi. It’s when you click the auto-line handle, it creates a line and duplicates the last shape. But typically with process diagrams the next shape is like to be different, so it renders that whole experience useless.
I’ve raised it more of a feedback element for the devs. We’re looking to move away from Lucid to a more cost effective solution, but to get our organisation onboard, these small elements are quite important.
Thanks for listening.


Thank you for your screenshots and clarification! I understand that the process may be unintuitive since you cannot change the shape directly from the auto-line - I have passed your feedback on to the dev team for future implementation within Cacoo.

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Thanks. Happy to input on improving an already great product.