🚨 Deleting unpopular/outdated shapes in Cacoo (Sept 15, 2021)

We’re tidying up the shapes library

We want to provide our users with shapes they love to use. We’ve noticed that some shapes aren’t getting much use or have simply become outdated. Which means it’s time for a bit of housekeeping.

The following shapes will be eliminated on Sept 15, 2021:

  • Sticky Notes*
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Electronic Circuit
  • Office Equipment
  • Network
  • Office layout
  • Sitemap Icon
  • File
  • Dimension Line
  • Greeting Card
  • Smiley
  • People
  • Arrow
  • [Old] Basic
  • [Old] Wireframes
  • Balloon
  • Web service
  • Simple Icon

*These have been replaced by the new sticky notes feature located in the tool menu.

What about my existing diagrams?

Don’t worry: if you’re currently using any of these shapes in your diagrams, they are safe.

But after Sept 15, 2021, you won’t see them available for use in the shapes library anymore.

How do I save the shapes I want?

If you wish to save any shapes for future use, you can save them as a custom shape. Another option is to place the shapes on a separate sheet/diagram for copying and pasting to other diagrams whenever you need them.

We hope this update helps you locate the shapes you actually want and use them faster. And we hope it makes everyone’s diagrams look fantastic.

If you miss the old shapes and icons, we’ve saved them in a diagram here:

To use these shapes/icons, you can duplicate this diagram to your own Cacoo space, then copy and paste the desired icons to your diagram.

Reference: How to duplicate a diagram

Without these forms cacoo has become inoperable for me, since I have to be copying images from other diagrams, I will consider canceling my subscription.

Hi @albertohgj

Sorry to hear that the change has affected your experience of using Cacoo. I’ve forwarded your feedback to our team for consideration.