📣 New: Shape Library and Switch Shape feature

Find popular shapes with the new Shape Library!

We’ve updated the look and feel to be more intuitive and eye-catching. You can also search for shapes using keywords within all categories or a single category.

How to open Shape Library panel

Just click on the 3 dot menu at the tool menu.

As for the basic shapes, they are available at the usual Shapes button:

New Switch Shape feature

You can now easily switch basic shapes on your diagram while keeping the applied styles and text.

How to switch basic shape

  1. Select the added basic shape you want to switch and click Switch shape from the editor menu.
  2. A basic shape menu selection will prompt, select the shape that you wish to switch to.

In this example, upon selecting another basic shape (e.g. Column), the added shape (i.e. rectangle) automatically changes to a column shape while keeping the same colors and text:

For more information on the new Shape Library and Switch Shape feature, please see our support article on Add Shapes

Along with this update, we’ve also deleted some outdated shapes in the shape library.

Please refer to our post here: 🚨 Deleting unpopular/outdated shapes in Cacoo (Sept 15, 2021)

If you wish to access the old shapes, please view this post.