How to create custom shapes

In Cacoo, you can create your own shapes in diagrams and save them for future use as custom shapes.


  • Create your own library of custom shapes for future use.
  • Search for custom shapes by their names in the library.
  • Your organization members can also access the custom shapes and use them for their diagrams (if the custom shape diagram is shared with them in a shared folder).

Watch this video on creating a custom shape:

How to create a custom shape

  1. When you want to save a shape in a diagram sheet, click on the dropdown menu arrow at the top, then select Set diagram type > Shape.

  1. The Publish Shape button will appear. Click it to save the diagram in your custom shape library.

  1. Find your custom shapes at the Shapes menu > Custom Shapes library. The diagram name is used as the name of the category, while the sheets’ names are used for the shapes’ names.

Note: Remember to reload/refresh your diagram in the browser to load newly published custom shapes.

Now, you and your organization members can use these shapes from the Custom Shapes library!

You can also search for custom shapes based on their names:

How to remove a custom shape

The diagram owner can set the diagram type back to Diagram. This will remove the shapes from the custom shapes library.