How to find and use templates

Templates in Cacoo are premade diagrams that you can customize for your own use.

There are a variety of templates available: business, marketing, development, project management, etc. For a non-exhaustive list of templates that can be found in Cacoo’s template library, see

How to use templates

There are two ways to access the template library in Cacoo.

1a) At the dashboard, hover over Create Diagram and the Template icon will appear. Click on it to start a new diagram with the template library.

1b) Another way to access the template library is via the diagram editor. Go to the side menu on the left and click on the Template icon.

  1. At the template library, you can browse templates in various categories.
  2. Search for templates by entering their names.
  3. To use a template, choose it and click Select.

Done! You have added the template to your Cacoo diagram sheet.

Now, you can proceed to customize any element or shape within the template for your own use.

Gif of how to find and use templates:

:bulb: Tip: Some of the shapes in the templates may be locked to prevent users from accidentally moving or editing them. See How to unlock shapes or elements