Using tags to display Images

Hi Backlog users,

Previously, Backlog had new updates in terms of pasting images from clipboard.

So today, I shall share a tip on displaying images in your issues and comments.

Image Display Options

After you have attached an image to your issue or comment, you can click on it and options will show up.

If you click on the ‘Add image tag’ option, the following tagged content will appear in your editor box:

#image(name of image file)

You can click on the Preview button to see how it looks. And you can also attach more images and use other tags, e.g. #thumbnail(name of image file), to display them.

It will show up like this in the final result:

If you click on the thumbnail image, it will load the full-sized image in a new browser tab.

What if I forget how to write tags?

It happens to me sometimes too. But no worries, for help on tags, you can click on the ‘?’ button in the text editor and a formatting guide will pop up.

For displaying images, you can refer to the image section in the guide:

Did you know that you can also insert a link to images hosted on another site, and display them in your issue/comments too?

Using images can be a great way to emphasize your ideas or thoughts. Copy and paste this in your Backlog comment/issue:


For this:

“I like what I see…”

Alright, that’s all I have for you. Tell us what you think of this feature or how you might use it with your team members.

Happy collaborating!