Backlog Cards, New Syntax for Search

Hi Backloggers, let me quickly introduce you to two recent feature updates:


1. Backlog cards

2. New syntax for search


Preview issues using Backlog cards

Now, when you hover over an issue link, you’ll be able to get a content preview of the issue. This works at the dashboard, project home page, and the issue comments section.


This way, it’s more convenient for users when they need to find information. Pretty neat, huh?


Speaking of finding information, our Backlog developers have also created New Syntax for Search.


New syntax for Search

You now have two new syntax options for search:


NOT syntax.

The Global Search button at the top can help you search within Issues, Wiki, Shared Files, Pull Requests and Members.


The NOT syntax in Global Search is for finding things that contain (word A) but not (word B). This is helpful for omitting unwanted results.


For example, when you global search issues named “Example”, the search results will return all issues containing “Example” in the subject and description.


But if you don’t want “Example task 01”, you can enter “Example -01” in the search field. The results will return issues that contain “Example” but omit those with  “01”.



OR syntax in Issue Search:

For searching issues in a project, you can also use the OR syntax. 


For example, I want issues that contain either (word A) OR (word B). Like “Example OR DevOps”:

This returns issues that contain either of those words in the subject and description.


That’s it for now.


Let us know your thoughts; Happy collaborating! :vulcan_salute::cowboy_hat_face: