Release Notes for September 2022

Hi Backloggers,

Here are the release notes for Backlog updates in September 2022:


  • Split view for diffs: See changes side-by-side with the new split view for diffs.
  • Find team projects: Search for projects based on teams.
  • Add to your recently viewed list: Add viewed issues and wikis to your recently viewed list with our newest API.
  • Never miss a notification: Review your dashboard notifications by clicking on Goritto-kun, our hardworking mascot, on the right side of the screen.


  • Expanded list view: You can now see the branch name for merged pull requests in list view.
  • Wider columns: Text in the issue search list displays without wrapping.
  • Error explanation: We added an error message to explain the issue with using emojis in milestone names.
  • Checklists for Android: Create checklists when writing issues in Markdown.
  • More user info: The Get User List API now includes the user’s last login date and time.


  • Back buttons weren’t working.
  • Kanban boards weren’t arranged correctly.
  • Clicking on a user’s avatar in an issue pop-up under Recent Updates led to a 404 screen.
  • The custom attributes list wasn’t appearing in alphabetical order.
  • Issue search display settings were unintentionally reset.
  • Users with a large number of projects got an error when searching “Find Issues in All Projects.”

Visit our newly revamped website for all Backlog release notes.