Release notes for November 2022

Hi Backlog users, here are the release notes for Nov 2022 :slight_smile:

Our latest update includes better search for pull requests and wikis, and new filters for dashboard, notifications, and project members.


  • View/hide comments: Download Excel/CSV files with or without comments from the Issues screen.
  • Added search filters: Search pull requests by status, registered by, assignee, and keyword.
  • More pull request details: The merge destination branch now appears on each line of the pull request list.
  • Added dashboard filters: Filter Recent Updates by project.
  • Better notifications sorting: Users in the “Filter by user” list are ordered by most recently mentioned and/or assigned.
  • View and filter project members: On the Project Settings screen, admins can filter project members based on permissions while all members can see who else is part of their project.
  • Clear search faster: Clear your keyword search on the Issues screen using the X in the search field.
  • Adjust your view: Adjust the display width of the subject/assignee information in Gantt charts.
  • Better wiki search: Wiki search results now display 200 characters and matching words are highlighted. Multiple keyword searches are also supported.
  • Easier copy/paste: Copy code blocks to your clipboard.
  • @ yourself: Android users can now mention their own username.


  • Keyword searches weren’t clearing in advanced search.
  • Dialog in Recent Updates was closing after clearing the keyword search.
  • Searching “Find Issues in All Projects” was unintentionally sending a large number of requests.
  • Sort icon for disk usage in Space Settings was facing the wrong direction.
  • XXS using the project name was allowed in “Find Issues in All Projects.”
  • Project issue statuses were ordered incorrectly when sorting on the Issues screen.
  • Push notifications for iOS weren’t delivering after disabling and reenabling them on the settings screen.
  • Login screen for Android wouldn’t open after deleting an account.
  • Organization settings link on Android wasn’t working.

For more updates, check out Backlog release notes.