Recent updates too noisy. Want to filter [SOLVED]

hi Backlog, I love the “recent updates” on the dashboard! It helps me stay up to date on things. It can get a bit noisy, though, and it will be nice if some projects can be filtered (i.e. not shown). Can we do that? Something similar that might achieve the same/similar? Thanks, Tatsuo

Hi @tatsuonatsukawa

Glad that you love the “recent updates” feature on the Dashboard. :slightly_smiling_face:

It shows the latest updates from all the projects you are participating in. Unfortunately, the dashboard updates cannot be filtered according to projects.

Let me forward your suggestion to our Backlog team for consideration. Thank you for giving us your valuable feedback!

I see this feature has been implemented [I’ve just noticed that. Maybe it’s been there for a while]. Thanks!

@tatsuonatsukawa You’re right :slight_smile:

Users can filter their Dashboard’s Recent Updates section by project:

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