Dashboard customization

Would be wonderful if I could configure views in my dashboard

Currently the dashboard contains 4 sections:
Projects, My Issues, Recent Updates and Backlog News
Why not enable each user to customize it, remove/add sections (like adding existing filters?)

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Hi Yuval,

thanks for your suggestion!

We’ll let our development team know about it.



Yes please offer more customization on the dashboard. It would be a powerful tool!

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@sjacob-h6s Thanks for backing this request!
I’ve forwarded it to our team for consideration.

Please also feel free to suggest any points in terms of dashboard customization.

filter “recent updates”, mentioned here Recent updates too noisy. Want to filter . Thanks!

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Thank you @tatsuonatsukawa .
I’ve passed your feedback once more to our Backlog team for consideration.

Dashboard definitely needs more customization capability. Ability to view not just tickets assigned to the user but any one else on the team for all projects at a glance would be super helpful.
Also, it defaults to the user and any due date tickets, we should be able to view all due dates tickets in the dashboard even if they were not created or assigned by the user, instead of having to go into each project and put in a search criteria for due date.

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Thank you @sjacob-h6s , I’ve forwarded your request to our product team for consideration.