Backlog updates for May & June 2021

Here’s a list of improvements and updates that were made in May & June!


  • Edit users faster when notifying them of a new issue: You can now quickly delete all users under the “Notify comment to” field when adding a new issue or comment.

Delete Notify Users

  • Admins can see all restrictions for users: Under Space Settings > User, Admins can see the restriction info of each user in the space.

In the Backlog space, each user can be further restricted to “View issues only” or “Add issues only.” Learn more about further user restrictions.

    • There’s more info on issues in search results: We added a “Resolution” column to the search results when searching issues.


  • Wiki on iOS: The wiki page on iOS now displays images.


  • There was a checkbox issue when using “Text Formatting Rules(Backlog)”. (You can find the Formatting Rules for each project under Project Settings.)
  • The Slack integration was failing to send “Add issue” events.
  • A comment could not be edited after moving to another issue
  • Users couldn’t confirm a comment in a popup message.
  • Users could create categories, milestones, and versions with the same name.
  • When adding and deleting projects at the same time from Space Settings > Users > Edit Users, it would show " has been removed from project member" for all changes in the “Recent Updates” section of the dashboard.
  • The project administrator’s participating projects were not displayed in the “Migration Plan”.
  • The tags inserted when adding images did not break lines.