[Managing users] Further restrict user permissions

Note: This function can only be accessed by Administrators.

To further restrict the actions a user can perform in the Backlog Space, you can set restrictions such as “Add issue only” or “View only”.

Add issue only: Users can add issues and view/post comments, but they cannot edit issues. They can view Board, Wiki, and Gantt Chart.

View only: Users can view issues and comments, but they cannot post, edit, or comment on issues. They can view Board, Wiki, and Gantt Chart.

Table of permissions regarding “Add issue only” and “View only”:

Example use case: working with external clients/vendors

For example, you might be working with a client or vendor on a project, and you wish to prevent them from accidentally changing or editing the issues in Backlog, you can set up these user restrictions.

What you want to achieve:

To restrict a member’s or guest’s actions in the Space and projects so they can’t accidentally change or edit an issue.

What you can do:

After inviting the user as a member or guest to the Space, you can further restrict their actions to “Add issue only” or “View only”.

Useful links for more details:

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