How to further restrict user permissions

If you are an Administrator, besides assigning user roles to your members, you can further restrict user permissions at the Space settings page.


How to restrict user permissions?

  1. Go to Space Settings

  2. Go to User Settings

  3. Select the member whom you would like to further restrict their permissions


  1. On the “Edit User” page, the administrator can further restrict user permissions by choosing 3 options:
  • No Restrictions - User has usual access as per permissions within their role.
  • Add issue only - User can add issues and post comments, but cannot edit existing issues.
  • View only - User can view issues and comments, but cannot post, edit, or comment on the issues.


**💡Tip:** User permissions can only be applied to “Member” and "Guest" roles only, but not “Administrators”.



Recommended permissions for different users

1. No Restrictions

This is suitable for a team lead, stakeholder or a project administrator who has more authority to edit tasks, including deleting tasks, comments or file attachments.


2. Add Issue Only

For normal users or members within the organisation who need to work and collaborate within the task. They may be given permission to add issues only.


3. View Only

Targeted at users who are not required to work or collaborate in the Project, but they can view and follow the progress of tasks within the project. This is suitable for users who are external from the organisation, such as clients or partners.


The above are our suggestions on setting permissions for different groups of users. Depending on your organization’s requirements, you may have other ways of managing user permissions to allow them to work effectively. Do share with us :slightly_smiling_face:


We hope that this information is helpful to you. Now, you are ready to manage your collaborators in your Backlog Space.:fist_right:t2: