Issue template examples you can use

Hi Backlog users,

Are you using the issue template feature yet? They are great to help you and your members fill up necessary information when adding issues in Backlog.

I will share the following issue templates below:

  • Bug
  • Request
  • User Story
  • Test Report

Feel free to customize them for your Backlog projects.

Note: Issue templates are available for users on Standard Plan and above.

To refresh your memory on how to create issue templates, see our community post on Issue Templates.

Bug issue template

Example of a bug issue created using a template:

The headers and content in the issue description are prefilled by the template; this way, it helps guide members on the necessary information to fill up for the bug issue.

Add markdown text into the issue template form

At the issue template field for Bug, copy the markdown text below, and use it in your project. Click the preview button to see how the formatted text looks.

## Outline of bug

(Please include any screenshots of the bug, or error codes, etc)

## How to encounter/reproduce bug

## Expected behavior or result

## Actual result

Feel free to change the text for your own needs. Also, be sure to check that your project is using markdown text formatting rules, or the text will not be displayed correctly.

markdown formatting rules

:bulb: Tip: Hover your mouse over the question mark ? symbol to see which formatting rules (markdown or Backlog) your project is using. Administrators can change the formatting rules under Project Settings and Space Settings.

Request template

Copy the markdown text here and use it for your request issue template:

## Request details

Please specify the content of the request.

### Things to note:

- Please assign this issue to a member.
- Please be sure to set a due date for this request.
- Notifications for: @Janus and @Toby1980 (add your member's unique id for mentions)

Here’s how it looks:

Optional: You can insert mentions for members (using their unique ids) in the template, and they will be notified when the issue is created. This is handy when you want to notify the same users every time this issue type is created.

User Story template

Copy the markdown text here:

## User story 

(Example: As an administrator, I want to manage the type of assignment from the mobile application. Because I often move while I am at work and I may be asked to add a issue type at that time.)

## Specifications · Screen design

(If specifications and screen designs already exist, describe their URL etc.)

## Acceptance test (administrator, project manager)

* [ ] The administrator can confirm the type of all tasks from the project settings.
* [ ] Administrators can edit all task types from project settings.
* [ ] Administrators can delete all task types from project settings.
* [ ] When deleting the type of the task already set as an assignment, a screen allowing a new type to be replaced is displayed. (The type of assignment is a required field)
* [ ] Administrators can add all assignment types from project settings.

## Acceptance test (general user, guest)

* [ ] General users can see the type of all assignments from project settings.
* [ ] General users can not add / edit / delete task type.

## Related tasks

- Add issue key here

This will create User Story issues that look like this:

Test Report template

Copy the markdown text here:

## Test item

(Specify the element to be tested and the test conditions.)

## Test environment

(Indicate the test environment, eg browser environment, beta environment etc...)

## Reproduction method

(Procedures to reproduce the test)

## Expected result

(Expected results of the test)

## Actual result

(Please add screenshots as attached files, if the app crashes, display errors, etc.)

## Error log

(If you have any logs of JavaScript errors, browser console, network, etc. )

## Related tasks

(If you have escalated the bug to a development project, please copy and paste the task issue key here.)

Here’s how the Test Report issue will look:


That’s all the examples of issue templates I have for you.

If you are already using issue templates in your Backlog projects, please share them with our community in this thread!

One last tip :bulb:

How to know if the issue type has a template?

At the Add Issue form, if the issue type has a template, you will see a template icon displayed next to it:

This indicates that the respective issue type has a template registered for it in the project settings.