New Launched - Issue Templates

Feature Updates

Tired of filling in the same content for your issues every time? We hear you! Now, Backlog has launched the Issue Template feature to cut down this hassle and save you some time.

Users on Standard plan and above are now able to customize their issue template by editing the Issue Type on their project settings page.

Creating Issue Template

Issue template can act as a reference or pre-filled template which ease up the process when you create an issue repeatedly.

How to create Issue Template on Backlog

  1. You can access “Issue Type” on Project Settings page to add a new issue type or edit the existing issue types.

  2. At the Issue Template section, enter the subject and description to create a template, and click “Submit".

If you are looking for Issue Templates to start with, we have created some samples of issue templates.

We welcome you to share how you create your templates and your experience with this new feature on Backlog.

Happy Collaborating!

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