Add issues quickly using Backlog Board

Hi Backloggers,

Here’s a tip for adding issues quickly on the Board.

Simply click on ‘Add issue…’, type in the title/subject of your issue, and press ‘Enter’ on your keyboard to add the issue.*

Without lifting your hands away from the keyboard, you can continue entering another issue in quick succession. Like this:

*Note: If your project has issue custom fields with mandatory input, then this quick-adding method is not available because those fields are required to be filled when adding issues. Learn more about custom fields.

In the example above, the created issues do not have an assignee. I shall guide you on how to do that.


Add issues with preset information

You can add issues with preset information, such as Issue Type, Category, Milestone, or Assignee.

First, set the filters to the board before adding your issue. For example, if I want to add an issue of category ‘Website’, milestone ‘Current Sprint’ and assign it to ‘Ken’, I would set the filters first. Like this:

The created issues will have the preset information.  The assignee, Ken, will also receive notifications via Backlog.  This is a useful method for fast and convenient adding of issues.

Now, you know how to add issues quickly using Backlog Board, so please try it out.

Happy collaborating!