Overview of Space Settings

As a Space Owner or Administrator, besides having access to your personal settings, you can access the Space settings too.

On this page, you can manage your Organisation details within the Space.

Let’s have a glance at the major functions in Space Settings.

1. General

  • Space

Administrator can manage organization on Nulab Apps and adjust formatting rules.

  • Language and Time

Sets the language and timezone for the Space. But note that individual user settings for language and timezone will have higher priority.

  • Disk Usage

This page will show the capacity of the storage within the Backlog Space. It can be broken down by Project details


  • Access Control

Administrator can limit access to the space by only allowing access for registered IP addresses. This feature is available for Standard Plan (50 IP Addresses) & Premium Plan (100 IP Addresses).

  • Information

Administrator can create general announcements or notifications which will be visible on the dashboard page for all members within the Space.

2. User Settings

At this section, administrator can access group settings and manage user privileges on Backlog by setting restrictions on them.

3. Project Settings

To delete a project, administrator can perform this function by accessing this page.

4. Subscription

Administrator can activate or upgrade Backlog license by selecting “Activate License”. If you would like to add or manage billing and invoice details, you can go to the “Payment” function.

:bulb:Tip: on the Payment page, space owner or plan administrator is able to add a new plan admin/payment administrator.