Accessing Multiple Spaces in Backlog

If you have multiple Spaces in Backlog, here are some tips we would like to share with you.


Depending on your registered login email in Backlog, you can access multiple spaces:

  • With the same Nulab account (i.e. same login email address)
  • Or with a different Nulab account (i.e. different login email address)

Accessing multiple Space with the same account

With a single-sign-on service, you can access multiple Backlog Space with your Nulab Account easily without logging out of your account. 


Here’s how:

  1. In Backlog, when you want to switch to another Space, simply go to your Organization icon on the Global navigation menu.

  2. Select the other Space that you wish to access.



Accessing multiple Space with a different account

If you are accessing multiple spaces with different Nulab accounts, you will need to log out of your current account before accessing the other Space. 


To log out of your current account:

  1. Go to Organization icon on the Global navigation.

  2. Select “Logout”.


If you didn’t log out of your current account and you access another Space via login page, it will redirect you to select an Organization in your Nulab account or show a “Page not found” error.


On this page, if you select other organizations, it will redirect you to this same page again as you are still logged in to your current account.


The only way to move out of the redirection is to select your currently logged in Backlog Space and perform the logout action. 


Then, you can proceed to login to your other Space with your respective Nulab account.

:bulb:Tips:  Some users will share PC usage for accessing Backlog. It is advisable not to save your credentials within the browser or PC to avoid any error prompt when logging in to Backlog.