What is Space ID? Can it be changed? What if you forget it?

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For starters, I think some of you, similar to me when I first started using Backlog, might be wondering

What is Space ID?

Well, Space ID refers to your organization’s Backlog Space - where all your project information, files, and members are located.  When the Space owner creates a Backlog Space, they are asked to give a Space ID for it. And this becomes the subdomain address at Backlog, like so:


This way, you can access your Backlog Space with the URL. For example, if your Space ID is CoolSpace, then you can use https://CoolSpace.backlog.com to enter your Backlog Space.

Once a Space ID is assigned, it is not changeable. Please consider this when you create a Space ID.


What to do when you forget your Space ID?

There are several ways to retrieve your Space ID.

  1. If you are the Space Owner, when you registered your Backlog Space, you would be emailed the Space ID. So simply retrieve that email to find your Space ID. Something like:


  1. If you have been invited to join a Backlog Space, you can find the Space ID in the invitation email. Something like:


  1. If you are unable to find the emails, or they have been deleted, try searching your browser history with the term ‘Backlog’. This might bring up some helpful results, especially if you have visited your Backlog Space previously.

  2. Try contacting the Space Owner, Administrator or Project Administrator that invited you. But if it so happens that you’re the Space Owner, you’ve forgotten your Space ID and you can’t log in, you can contact our Backlog support team for help at https://backlog.com/contact/

Tip: Store your Backlog Space URL as a bookmark in your browser, so you can access it any time. That’s what I do!


Is Space ID same as Organization Name? No.

One more thing to note, Space ID and Organization name are not necessarily the same words or same thing. They can be different names.

If you’re the Space Owner or Admin, you can change your Organization name (under Organization Settings), but this won’t affect or change the Space ID. The Space ID is fixed and not changeable once it is created. 


How to change the Space ID?

The Space ID can only be changed if the new ID is not already taken, but this move takes time and also requires an additional fee. If you would really like to make a change, please contact our Support team and we’ll check whether it’s available. 

I hope this answers your queries about Backlog Space ID. Add your comments below, or join in/create new topics for discussion at our Backlog community.

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