How SpaceID affect your domain

Previously we have shared “What is Space ID? And what to do if you forget it?”.

Today we would like to share how Space ID affect your domain.


We understand that sometimes it might be a little confusing how to ensure your domain on Backlog is the right name you want when you’re starting a new cloud-hosted account with Backlog.


SpaceID plays a major role in defining your domain on Backlog. Here’s how it works.

Before creating a new Space in Backlog, on the signup page, you’re required to fill in the necessary details including a SpaceID. Notice that we have specified it as”, this means the SpaceID named by you will be your domain name on Backlog.


There are a few things to take note:


  1. SpaceID is a unique identity for each organization and it cannot be repeated. If
        the SpaceID has been registered by others, you will receive an error prompt -
        “This Space ID has already been registered and cannot be used” on the
        registration page.

  2. The SpaceID must be within 3 to 10 characters which can include letters,
        numbers, and hyphens.

  3. Changing your SpaceID entails making a request to the support team and fee
        payment. So we would advise users to decide on a SpaceID carefully, in order to
        avoid the process/fees of changing it after the account is set up.


Some tips before creating a SpaceID:

  • Consider coming up with 3 names as backups in case your first choice is unavailable.
  • Think of a simple name that is easy to remember for your members, such as your organization name, your group/team’s name, or a short-form of those.


Happy account-creating  & welcome to Backlog.:handshake: