Updates - Force Two-Factor Authentication for all users

If you are an administrator on your Backlog account, you can now enforce Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) to all your users within the Space - requiring all space users to use this security step to log in. This feature is available to Premium Plan users.  

Enforcing 2FA helps to improve security for your Backlog Space. By requiring a second element of identification and authentication, it will reduce the risk of exposure to unauthorized logins.

How you can force 2FA within your Space

As an administrator, you can enable it at the Access Control page through Space Settings. By checking the box “In order to log in this space, Two-Factor Authentication is required” and clicking save, this will enable 2FA access immediately.

What to take note after enforcing 2FA

  1. If your current user has disabled 2FA in their personal settings and attempts to access the Backlog Space, they will be directed to a page (as below) informing them to enable 2FA through their Nulab apps settings.



  1. After 2FA has been enforced, users are unable to use the regular login password as authentication while accessing Files (including WebDAV and opening files using browser), Subversion, Git (via HTTPS) and RSS. They are required to create a Special Password to access these services.

Users can generate a Special Password through the Two-Factor Authentication page from Personal Settings. A dialog will prompt the user to key in their “Username” and “Password” when they access the respective services. Simply copy the respective generated Special Password to gain access.

Happy Collaborating!