Enabling Two-Factor Authentication

Previously, we shared an update about administrators have the ability to force two-factor authentication for all users. Although this function is supported for our Premium plan user only, the basic two-factor authentication function is available across every cloud-hosted plan that we offer.

:closed_lock_with_key: How to?

As a normal user, you can go to your Personal Settings > Two-Factor Authentication > Enable-Two Factor Authentication.

It will redirect you to the two-factor authentication setting at Nulab Apps page. Select Start Two-Factor Authentication and it will lead you to the selection page of getting a verification code method.

Backlog offered 3 methods of getting verification code - via  Google Authenticator,  via Text Message or via Security Key. Simply select your preferred method and it will lead you to the setup page.

Once you have completed the setup for a two-factor authenticator, at your login page, key in your registered email address and password. Thereafter, you will be required to key in a verification code to further access your Backlog account.

Now you can start enabling two-factor authentication easily to prevents unauthorized access to your account.