Easier member management

I would like a review of the funktion of add and remote members. I think it is hard to find each time, and I do not think I, as a admin, can remove members. How ever the concept of members is difficult at backlog.
What so you think guys?
Best regards

Hi Fredrik, thank you for your feedback, we appreciate it and will let our team know. We understand sometimes it is hard to understand the concept of Backlog but we are here to help. :) 


As an administrator, you have the access to add, manage and remove members. I will provide some guidance here how you can do it.

You can go to Space Settings (you can access through your personal icon) > User > Manage Users on Nulab Apps. At Nulab Apps page, you can invite new members, manage the member’s role and remove them. 


For more reference, please refer to our support article on Adding, deleting and editing users. If you need further assistance, please drop us a message at live chat, our support specialist is ready to help.


Hello Jenny!

What is the reason for not be able to remove members from the list of users at Space Settings > User?

It seems odd that I need to open a second page with the button “Manage Users On Nulab Apps”

Best regards


Hello Fredrik!

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. We create Nulab Apps as a Single Sign-on Account so that our members can use one account to access 3 products on Nulab. Therefore, the administrator can easily manage members account through Nulab Apps across our products.

The concept might be different but we appreciate your feedback for our further improvement. :)