What is Plan Admin?

Plan Administrators have the privilege to manage the subscription, billing, and invoice matters of the organization.

It is different from Administrators because Administrators can do more: manage the Backlog Space settings, organization settings, members, and projects.

By default, plan admin privilege is given to the administrator who created the organization.

Who can hold the plan admin privilege?

Members or Administrators.

What can users with plan admin privilege do?

*Only Administrators can access the Backlog Space settings.

How to add/remove plan admins

  1. Click on your Organization icon and select Organization Settings.

Access Organization Settings

  1. At the Organization Settings page, select Plans. Go to the Plan Admins section, you can click Add to add another member/administrator as plan admin or click X to remove an existing plan admin.

Note: If the organization has only one member, the plan admin privilege cannot be removed.

More Information

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