Types of Administrator and its Differences

In Backlog, there are 3 different types of Administrator roles. Each of the roles holds different privileges.

Types of Administrators

  1. Administrator

  2. Plan Administrator

  3. Project Administrator

Their Privileges

1. Administrator

An administrator is a key person who has access to most of the settings in Backlog. This role can be set at the beginning when inviting a new user to the Space. Or, you can easily change the member’s role in the Organization settings on Nulab Apps.

  • can manage most of the Backlog settings including inviting a new user
  • to manage Backlog contract, required to assigned as Plan Admin
  • able to access Space settings

2. Plan Administrator

Besides administrator, a member can be assigned as plan administrator so that this person has the authority to manage the contract, billing and invoice matters only.
To add a plan administrator, go to Space Settings > Manage Organization on Nulab Apps > Plans > Add a member in Plan Admin section

  • by default, it will be the Administrator who created the organization
  • can be an Administrator or Member
  • can add new plan admins and manage contract settings (including canceling the contract)
  • able to access Organization Settings only

3. Project Administrator

Administrators can manage all the Project settings, but Project administrators can be set for each Project and manage these certain Projects only.

To assign a Project administrator, go to Project Settings > Members > Project Administrator Settings > select member > Add to Project Administrator.

  • can be Administrator or Member
  • able to manage Project Settings only (not Space Settings nor Organization Settings)



*if the administrator is not in the assigned project, they can only manage General settings & Members settings only

Now that you know the differences between the 3 types of Administrator roles, you can easily assign their privileges to the right members.