Improvements for issue attachments, wiki and new Help button

Hi Backloggers,

here are some new improvements released last week:


  • When attaching a file with the same name as another file in the issue attachments, its name will be automatically appended with a serial number, e.g. image (1).png, to differentiate it from the older file.

Serial file names for attachments uploaded with the same name.

:warning: Note: If you are uploading a file with the same name in Files, it will overwrite the older file. It will not be renamed, unlike issue attachments.

  • Fixed an issue that caused an error when saving a wiki with multiples of the same tag, e.g. when saving the wiki name: [Test] [Test] [Test] XYZ, the wiki page will be saved with only 1 “Test” tag.


  • Added a new Help button to the global navigation bar.

The Help menu will display useful content according to your user role, i.e. administrators or members.