Duplicate issue to another project, and copy multiple issue keys

Hi Backloggers, here are two exciting updates for you! :slight_smile:

  • Copy issue to another project
  • Copy keys and subjects of issues in view

Copy issue to another project

Besides duplicating an issue in a project, you can now duplicate the issue to another project!

Simply click on the issue button on the right, and select Duplicate in Another Project.

Then, in the project selection popup, select the project to duplicate the issue to.

In the selected project, the details of the original issue are copied to the issue creation form:

:warning: Please note that only the issue subject and description is copied over. Other issue attributes like assignee, dates, etc. are not copied over, because the issue settings will vary for each project.

Copy keys and subjects of issues in view

You can now easily copy multiple issue keys and subjects in the Issues list.

When you have filtered the Issues list to your preference, click on the right button and select Copy keys and subjects of issues in view. This will copy the information to your clipboard.

Then, at another text field in the project, e.g. a comment field or Wiki-page field, you can paste the information using CTRL V (Win) or CMD V (MacOS).

After submitting the input, the issue keys are automatically displayed as text hyperlinks to the issues, so that your project members can easily navigate to them.

We hope that you’ll enjoy using these updates in your Backlog projects.

Let us know what you think! :slight_smile: