Transferring Tickets to a different projects

Currently, our company is using Backlog to manage multiple projects (products).
However, they converge to one in regards to technical support.

So I would like the ability to move tickets from one project to another (or be able to copy tickets from one project to another).

Currently, the only way I can do this is to rewrite the ticket twice in their respected project.


Is there any change this kind of feature already exist or is in the work?

Hi Yusuke,

thanks for your feedback.

Currently, although we have issue copy/duplication within the same project, but we do not have the function to move or copy tickets from one project to another. 

I’ve forwarded your feedback to our product team for consideration.


One workaround or solution I can suggest is: 


If you copy the issue key, and paste it in your new issue(in another project) , this will create a link to the referred issue for your members.


For example:

Click on the clipboard at the issue - this will automatically copy the issue key and title of the issue.


Then paste it at another issue in another project:


After adding the issue, the link to the referred issue will automatically be created.


Your members can then click the link to go to that issue, provided they are also members of that project too. If the user is not a member of that project, they cannot access that linked issue. This way, you can have separate projects and also control access to information.


Hopefully, this is useful for you.