Duplicate an existing Issue within the Project

If you have certain repeating tasks that often require to be re-created within the project, the “Copy” function can help you do that. This feature allows you to make a copy of an existing issue, and the new issue attributes and content will be pre-filled in with information from the copied issue.



How it works


Go to the issue that you would like to duplicate. On the specific issue page, simply click the button with three dots (indicated in pic below).


A selection box will show. Select “Make a Copy” to duplicate the current issue.


Once “Make a Copy” been selected, you will be automatically redirected to the Add Issue page with all the contents and issue attributes filled in. Simply modify or make changes to the information here and click “Add” to complete adding the issue.


With this “Make a Copy” function, we believe you can now create recurring tasks within the Project with ease.:nerd_face:

Is there any way to copy an entire project or a group of tasks (parent + all children)?
We have large groups of tasks (with subtasks) that are common across all projects and being able to replicate these between projects (or create a template project) would be huge help.

Hello James,

At this time we don’t offer the capability to duplicate issues across multiple projects but the community post does share how to duplicate issues in one project. I can share your feedback with the team and if any updates are made I will be sure to follow up.