Create Subtask in Backlog

Subtasking helps you break down large tasks into smaller parts, making them easier to manage and track for your team. If you are on our Starter Plan and above, you can enable the subtask feature in your project settings page.

Ways of Creating Subtask

Regular issues are stand-alone by default, but you can link two issues by assigning them as parent-child issues. 

There are 2 ways of creating subtasks:

1. On the “Add Issue” Page

When creating a new issue, on the issue registration page, select “Add Parent Issue”. You can enter the issue key or browse and select the existing issues as parent issue.

:bulb:Tips: The parent issue that you select must be within the same Project.

2. On the “Issues” Page

On the issue page for linked issues, you will see all parent and child issues in the Subtasking section. Here you can also add new child issue by selecting the “+” button .


  • When adding a new child issue on the Issue page, the new child issue will be nested under the current parent issue only and not the child issue.

  • You can add an existing created issue within the Project to the current parent issue by selecting the “+” button, followed by “Add existing issue”.