Copy issue key within Board, and other navigation shortcuts

:loudspeaker: New update! :grinning:
You can now copy the issue key of any issue within the Board.

How to copy issue key at the project Board

Just hover over any issue to reveal the clipboard symbol :clipboard: , then click it to copy the issue key and issue subject.

To copy only the issue key, hold Shift and click.

:bulb: Tip: What can you do with the copied issue key?

You can paste the issue key into Backlog (issues, comments, pull requests, etc.) and it becomes a hyperlink to the respective issue automatically after submitting.

Users can easily go to the referred issue via the issue key link.

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More issue navigation shortcuts at the Board

Besides the clipboard, you’ll notice the context menu (3 dots) available when you hover over an issue:

Clicking the issue’s context menu will display options to allow you to navigate directly to Edit the issue or Copy the URL of the issue for sharing with others via email or other apps.

We hope you’ll like these updates, happy collaborating! :slight_smile: