Adding links to other project issues

In Backlog, we can use issue keys to easily add links (or references) to other issues in the same project or another project.

For example, there’s an issue in the Support Project and we want to reference it in the Development Project so that our developers can easily find the support issue for more information while working on a fix or feature for it.

To do this, you can use issue keys as they will automatically become a hyperlink to the specific issue.

How to add a link to another project’s issue with issue key

  1. At the specific issue you want to reference, click on the Clipboard icon to copy its issue key and subject. (You can also hold Shift while clicking to copy the issue key only.)

For example, this is a support ticket with a request from the user. We want to link to this issue so that the development team can refer to it for more info.

  1. Paste the issue key into the contents of another project’s issue.

The issue key SAS-2 is pasted as plain text. You can also type it in instead of pasting.

  1. After adding the issue, the pasted issue key is automatically recognized as a hyperlink in the Backlog space.

When hovering over the key link, we can preview the contents of the linked issue. Clicking on the link will also direct us to the linked issue’s webpage.


  • Issue keys are useful for adding links or references to issues automatically.
  • We can link to issues in the same project or another project.
  • Members who are not participating in the linked issue’s project will not be able to access its information. This helps ensure project confidentiality while giving access to specific members only.

Learn more about issue keys and their uses! :slightly_smiling_face: