Issue key linking in subject, and other updates

Here are the latest updates for Backlog :slightly_smiling_face:

New Feature: Issue key linking in subject

Previously, issue keys will become hyperlinks when used in the issue content. Now, they can also become links when used in the issue’s subject field.

This way, you can easily associate a task with other related issues/tasks.

Clicking on the issue key will bring us to the other issue:

Bug Fixes

  • Changed keyword filter so that it’s not displayed when the selection box for multiple selections has less than 5 choices.
  • Fixed an issue where the calendar UI was hidden by the autocomplete view and could not be manipulated.

Updates in Backlog for iOS App

  • When selecting a list of @mentions, you can now use the Enter or Space key to select the first item.
  • Fixed an issue where certificates would be deleted if accessing Backlog from an unauthorized address that is restricted by Access Control settings for IP address.
  • Added a button to show/hide the sidebar on iPad.