Attachment within Issue

Relevant documents can be attached to your issue by attaching the files while you creating an issue or after the issue has been registered.

Attaching files while creating an issue

While creating an issue, you can attach the documents by drag & drop the files to the attachment box or select files from your folder.

After you have added the issue, the attachment will reflect on the issue page under “Attachment” tab. Members can download or view the attachment, or you can manage and delete the attachment through there.

Attaching files after issue created

Tip💡: After an issue has been registered, by editing issue, there is no attachment function through this step.

How to attach a file then?

You can go to “…” icon just beside “Edit” icon, and select “Attach File”.

Attachment box window will pop-up and you can start to attach relevant files. Thereafter, the attachment will reflect at the comment section and click on “Submit”, the files will attach within the issue.

File size & limitations

The number of attachments per issue and file size per attachment is limited, depending on your plan. Here are the summary details:

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So now i know why couldn’t email issues with multiple attachments!  It would be useful if this information was given in the error message (or perhaps in your pricing grid) - ie it is because of the plan, nothing more :slight_smile: