File size per attachment

Currently, there is a file size restriction per attachment. In a future release can this be made configurable to increase the size especially with Premium plans.


Hi @sjacob-h6s

Yes, currently the size limits for attaching files to issues are:

Plan Number of attachments per issue File size (per file)
Free Up to 1 file Up to 5MB
Starter Up to 10 files Up to 10MB
Standard Up to 30 files Up to 10MB
Premium Up to 50 files Up to 10MB

I’ll forward your feedback for bigger file sizes to our Backlog team. Thank you for sharing with us :+1:

Adding files to Files page

If I may suggest a workaround, it’s possible to add bigger files to the Files page. It’s a shared folder for the project; you can copy the link to the added file, and paste it in the issue. Your project members will be able to access the file from the link.

The size limits per file for Files page are 1GB (added from web browser) and 3GB (added from webDAV) for Starter and Premium plans.