Weekly meeting template

With WFH, it’s important to have weekly video call meetings to keep in touch and update one another about work.

Our Singapore team members have been using a Cacoo template like this for our Monday meetings and we found it helpful for our work. So, we would like to share it with you here.

Benefits of having a template for our meetings:

  • Helps provide a structure to the discussions.
  • Helps us record down our discussions and updates.
  • Helps us communicate to team members about our projects’ statuses, pertinent issues faced by users, and our work progress.
  • Besides communicating to others, it’s also a way to review our own work progress/productivity.

Recommended usage:

  • Set aside a regular day and time (about 30 minutes) in your team’s calendar for weekly meetings.

  • I’d recommend this template for teams of smaller sizes, e.g. 3-8 members. For larger groups, the meeting might take up more time and that might not be ideal.

  • Use the diagram together with the video chat feature, or use another video meeting app.

  • Simply duplicate a sheet in the diagram for every meeting, and name the sheet based on the meeting date, e.g. “June 7, 2021”. This makes it easier to find it later, and you can use a single diagram for all your meetings this year.

  • You can duplicate the publicly shared diagram below to your own space and folder. Refer to how to duplicate a diagram.

Feel free to customize this diagram for your own needs.

And if you are using any unique or customized diagrams with your team, please share them with us! :grinning: