Receive notifications in team chat (Typetalk, Slack, Teams) for diagram updates


Cacoo is integrated with team chat apps like Typetalk, Slack, and Microsoft Teams.

This allows you to receive notifications :bell: in your team chat whenever a Cacoo folder is updated. Giving you convenience and access to changes about your diagrams.

You can choose to be notified on the following:

  • Diagram added
  • Diagram updated
  • Diagram commented
  • Member added to the folder
  • Team added to the folder

Setting this up is intuitive and easy to follow in the Cacoo app, which I’ll give a walkthrough below for Typetalk.

The process is similar for Slack and Microsoft Teams, please see our support guides for information:

Here’s how to connect Cacoo with Typetalk

  1. Click on your Organization name > Settings to access the Settings page.
  2. At the Settings page, select Integrations to see the list of integration options. For this example, we are integrating Cacoo with Typetalk. Click See Folder List under Typetalk.

  1. You will see a list of private and shared folders in Cacoo that are owned by you. Pick a folder to connect with Typetalk and click Connect.

Note: Only admins and folder owners in Cacoo can create or edit the folder’s integration with other services.

  1. After clicking Connect, you will be directed to a Typetalk webpage with a dropdown menu of topics and a dialog prompt to Select a topic to receive messages. After selecting the topic (or Slack/Teams channels), click Authorize.

  1. When the Cacoo-Typetalk connection is successful, you’ll be asked to select events for notification. By default, all the checkboxes are selected. Click Save to continue.

  1. All done! :raised_hands: You’re directed to the Integrations page which lists the Cacoo folders and connected Typetalk topics.

For this example, the Cacoo shared folder named Planning is connected to the Business Planning topic in Typetalk.

Cacoo updates → Typetalk / team chat message notifications

Notification example 1: when a diagram named “New Diagram” is added in the folder, a message is posted to the connected topic in Typetalk.

Notification example 2: For comments added in Cacoo, the comment body is also posted to the Typetalk topic, and the respective diagram sheet is displayed too.

If the user is @mentioned in the Cacoo diagram, they will also receive notifications in Typetalk (if they have enabled notifications for @mentions).

We hope that you’ll enjoy using these Cacoo + chat app integrations to conveniently keep track of your diagrams and folders. Happy diagramming!