Live chat in diagrams


With remote working, it’s more critical than ever to communicate easily online about diagrams. Here’s Cacoo’s new chat feature.

How to chat in Cacoo
In the diagram, click on the Chat icon at the right-hand panel menu.
Cacoo-chat-feature (1)

You can tag or mention team members by entering @, followed by their user name, or select from the collaborators list.


  • If the diagram is shared via public link with edit access, guests can leave messages in the chat. The chat log will capture the guest’s registered name, however, guests are unable to use mentions or @mention other members.
  • Guests will not be able to view the chat log or previous messages posted by the organization’s collaborators. But the messages that are entered by guests will be recorded in the chat log and are viewable by the organization’s collaborators.

For more information, see the support article: Diagram live chat